Slow Start

Posted: May 2, 2015 in Writing
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It has certainly been a slow but positive start to my new writing lifestyle.  I have invested in writing guides, looking through Amazon at the plethora of self-help guides was, frankly, uninspiring!  Seems that a lot of people who have a single story published miraculously become writing experts and can write an eBook guide.  However, I have settled on a trusted name which was the Writers & Artists guide to writing a short story and novel.  They might be useful, they might not be.  I shall read and review them here next time. 

Another aim was to go on some courses. I have investigated this and decided that I will register in the first instance for a beginners course for creative writing.  This is run by the local arts university and, although a bit more expensive than the local college course may be more of what I need.  The course does not start until September so until then I will examine the writing guides and writing magazines for hints, tips and stratagems.

Now to the slow start.  Following my scarlet fever it has been a hard week at the day job.  Working 10 hour shifts for 6 days has been trying and exhausting.  However, I have written something, i have started a paranormal short story that has ballooned into a longer piece than I thought and I am continuing to write it to see where it goes, I am thinking that it might be more of a novella.  I showed my partner and her comments were very positive.  buoyed by this I entered a flash fiction competition of 120 words at the Bath Ad Hoc Flash Fiction and will see if I am voted as a winner.  The field is very strong, and as a result I am not holding out too much hope, but, it has to be attempted. 

In other news, I have found a submission for entry to an anthology in memory of the late Sir Terry Pratchett in aid of Alzheimer’s Research.  Sir Terry has played a massive part of my life ever since I read Mort and laughed ’til I cried.  The competition is a short story with a humorous bent around the subject of memory.  I think that, by following Sir Terry’s own rules, I can concoct a funny, fantastical story that will entertain and amuse.  I, myself, lost my grandfather to Alzheimer’s related illness, I remember seeing him in the latter stages of his condition in the secure ward.  I was about 25 when I last saw him and he thought I was still 14! He kept asking me about school, and what did I want to do when I grew up.  It was heartbreaking to see the Second World War veteran of the RAF reduced to only knowing who I was a quarter of the time, and my father only half of that. 

Which brings me on to the next point that of motivation.  A writer needs to feel motivated.  Motivation can be the difference between a magnum opus and drivel.  It is my weak spot.  things get in the way, work, family television the excuse that I am researching.  I need to be determined, focused and most of all motivated.  and this competition certainly sees me gain motivation.  I am determined to produce a piece of work that will not only entertain but make it into the anthology.  I want to help preserve the memory of one of my literary heroes who showed how bravely one could face up to a terminal illness with dignity and earn the respect of so many, but also to help preserve the memory of my grandfather. 

It is a little bit of a downer speaking of relatives passing away especially with such a disease that eats away at the very core of who someone is.  But let’s be a little cheery.  The focus is on the writing.  and that is what  I am off to do


Write this day, write the next day, write everyday!


If you have been affected in any way by the issues discussed today, then i do always welcome comment.  Just, i ask, that you keep it friendly.

  1. Lucy Goacher says:

    Alzheimer’s is a terrible, awful disease, and one I know too well. My Nan had it, as did my other Grandfather’s partner. By the end, it reduces a person down to their base elements, their natural personality. My Nan was friendly to everyone, even in her last few days. I’m very proud of her for that.

    Best of luck with the entry, Peter. It always means so much more when it touches on something personal. If it isn’t accepted to the anthology, I’m sure you can find it a home somewhere else. There are far too many of us who can relate to the topic.

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