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Posted: May 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

I have taken a hiatus from all things internet. I have been absent from Facebook, Twitter and from this blog…But, now I return a I am eager to get things moving in the right direction once again! So, why was I silent for so long? Simply answered, life got inThe way! Every single person has a great deal of trials and tribulations in their daily lives, it is an accepted fact of life! But, not unlike a nuclear reactor, when you pile problem upon problem a person reaches a critical mass, then Meltdown!

My daily life over the past couple of months have been filled with worry, filled with threat and filled with uncertainty. Most of the issues I faced I have resolved, I refused to bow down before the pressures and I fought back. However, as a result of this mental fortitude I have had to neglect some duties. Chiefly my writing!

I am now going to re-assume my roles and write again, I am going to fulfil the promise I once showed, I am going to live up to expectation!

The Richard an Judy bestseller competition knocked my confidence, finding out that a plot line of an upcoming movie is almost identical to my novel destroyed what was left. I stopped writing, I lost the knack, I forgot the joy I have when I write. I spiralled, a court case against me took my focus further away, the worry and sleepless nights, constantly thinking about the case, what I would say, every permutation of question needing answers. It consumed me! It was a pointless, stupid case but a guilty verdict could have condemned me! However, I was in the right, I had done nothing wrong, and when the day came I was exonerated fully! The prosecution didn’t even let it go into the court room!

The relief was immense, I cannot quite explain the weight that was lifted, but I am a lighter person! So, back to the writing! I have several projects on the go, my R & J entry needs completing, a story starring my twin sons, an epic battle in a fantasy world and a script for a graphic novel. As well as the numerous short story competitions. Time to get back to it! Time to start over! This is what I would like to do as a career, this is how I want to support my family, this is how I want to earn a living!

I am a creator, I am an escapee into another world and different dimensions, I am an explorer in the lives of others and I will do this to the best of my ability! I AM A WRITER! Hear me roar!