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Writing update!

Posted: September 2, 2014 in Writing
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It is about time I updated my readers on how my writing is going! I started a couple of months ago that I would endeavour to write two stories, one a fantasy that actually has a great deal of fantasy In it, the other a hard Sci-Fi. Well, both projects are underway and I shall outline what they are and how there progressing below. But, before I do that I want to address some issues I have been having, for those that have read all my posts you will know I have had a bit of a rough time. This has dented my confidence and my productivity greatly. The depression affects me in strange ways, I get headaches when I try to think, this may have something to do with the fact that I wrote at work where I have no natural light and it is under fluorescent lights. Crushing heads don’t lend themselves well to writing. The depression makes me tired and when tired output goes down. However, this will all change, I am going to try to set aside an hour a day to write at home, I should have the time now I am cutting out 2 hours travel and an hour and a half less in a working day. My new job promises so much and I am very very excited, I start in 6 days!!! With all the changes in my life I feel very positive and looking forward greatly to cracking on.

That’s the problems here are the projects!

Untitled Space Story

This project has been underway for a month or so and I have planned the basic premise of the story, I have devised to approach this project with minimal planning, no chapter plans, no character maps just pure imagination! And so far it has worked well! I have written about 10,000 words (although half may be lost in editing), it is a story set in the distant future, humanity have scattered to this stars in search of a new home. At the distant edges of known space a cryptic message is received, a set if co-ordinates that might lead the vestiges of man to safety and the promise of a new world, a new home.

There path will not be easy, enemies, scavengers and mutants attack and pester them on their journey, their antiquated star craft is falling to pieces and the rigours of deep space travel takes it till. Will they make it? Will they survive?

Good questions and as yet I don’t even know the answer. I am very excited by this project. I can see the scenes play out in my mind, I am throwing in a great deal of scientific ideas from genetic manipulation to the great questions of mortality and morality.

Let’s hope it works!

Dungeon fantasy project

My second project is a pure fantasy, inspired by the fighting fantasy books, and board games like Heroquest, 5 tribes live in disharmony, bickering and fighting against each other, but a shadow of a demon plagues the land! Every 50 years the dungeon calls to this tribes to send a hero to battle the dungeon and defeat the demon, he who wins gains power absolute. Alone they will fail, together they will win, but can the differences of millennia of war be set aside?

This project is not as advanced as my space project, despite working on it for longer. This is because of the intricate web that binds it all together. It takes a great deal of preparation and planning. I am researching fantasy and mythical creatures, attempting to find seldom used ideas to flesh out the villains.

So there we have it, that’s the projects, what are your thoughts? As always I invite you to comment!