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It feels like an eternity since I updated this blog, did you miss me? I am sure you did. I have certainly been busy in the abscence. Although the writing has taken a bit of a back seat. I have changed my job twice…details to follow, I have been frenetic with my twin boys, they do keep their mother and I on our toes. Let me update you all on whats been happening.

Firstly i left my job as a security guard at an unpopular medical centre and went to work for a large UK bookshop change that we all know. Brilliant i thought! Finally I job I love, finally a job I enjoy and get excited about, leaping from my bed rareing to go, champing at the bit to get in and get started. It did not matter that I dropped my salary by £7000 per annum in order to take the job. I went in devery day, poured my heart and my soul for four months, desingning and creating events above and beyond what was required of me. I, in my own time, wrote columms for local news papers reviewing the books that were deemed to be ‘Book of the month’. Being nice about writing that I found to be bloody awful. All to generate sales. Bookselling has become less about product knowledge and more about power, greed and influence. I shall quantify this. A monthly competition is held company wide to see which store can sell the most copies of the book of the month. It is not a bad idea to help motivate staff, but it became increasingly apparent that it wasn’t about providing the best book for the customer, just sell, sell, sell and by selling lots and lots of copies the company can wield power over the publishers. It was a mantra that this particular company felt it could sway and influence publishers to give them a better margin (cut of profits) as they could guarentee a bestseller. And it works!

I was very good at selling books, but i was, just after new year, let go. I was heartbroken, the reasoning given, to me did not make sense and due to the contract I had with them I had no choice but to accept my fate and walk away. I kept my head held high, I am proud of what I accomplished in my time there. Sad it ended, I feel I was used for christmas and dismissed immediately after. Hey ho, not to worry move on!

Thast is just what I did. I managed to find a job quickly, in fact I started the day I officialy finished my previous job. I shant go into details of my new job as that would not be appropriate on an open forum, it is not secret but is dealing with confidential information. What I will say is that it is a good job, with good prospects and good pay. At quiet times like now, I get to do things like this. Which means I also get to write!!! Happy, Happy, Happy!

My writing really has taken a back seat and as a result I have temporarily misplaced my talent. The ideas are still there, the concepts I am developing are good I have just lost the words. This has caused a great deal of frustration. So many good ideas and no way to convey them. I am going to try to get it down, perhaps edit some old work in order tro find my voice again.

Well, signing off now! I am still here, Iam still kicking, still fighting. I will be back soone to soffer some more of my usual comments, critiques and complaints