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for those that have been following my posts of late, you will know I am about to enter a new stage of writing development.  I am going to undertake the task of writing a screenplay.  It is a daunting task, that much is certain.   For if there was rejection in writing before that will now be massively shadowed by the rejections I am sure to come in the future.  But, I have an idea, and it is strong, very strong.  It is an idea I had some time ago and could never quite get it to work as a piece of prose.  It was never the right medium for the piece.  I feel, that, a screenplay would work for the tale.  

My issue is that it is dark, the subject is terrifying and I am reflecting in what it says about me.  The subject matter would be right at home coming from Clive Barker, for those that know his work will understand that the subject matter is grim.  Mr Barker has written some truly horrendous work, his most famous creation, the Cenobite Pinhead, is regarded as one of horrors great icons.  My story is not as gore soaked as Hellraiser but does touch on some of the same themes.  Pinhead, as a character, is not what is horrorfying in Hellraiser and the cruel and unusual punishments he doles out are not what is horrific.  No, it is the souls that’s seek such terror, it is the characters that seek the hellish pleasures and how there warped murderous minds are truly the subject of such terror.  It is themes such as this that make truly great horror fiction. 

There was a spell, and it is still prevalent, within Hollywood that a horror film should be blood drenched gore.  This is it what true horror is about, it detracts from what is frightening.  I wish to address this, return to the glory days of cinematic terror.  Horror’s greatest characters are not generally supernatural, it is the soul of mankind that provides a suspense and fright that can be used to create a chill in the spine.

I have been a horror officianado for some time, I used to get her with friends on asaturday night, as a teenager, and watch any and all films that are designed to send shivers down the spine.  I read a great deal of fiction based in that’s genre.  I have encyclopaedic knowledge of the fiction of the paranormal, supernatural (yes there is a difference) and the ethereal. But, I have nevertheless come across anything quite like what is currently roaming the recesses of my mind.

I entitled this blog into the darkness, and that’s what I mean, for I am opening my mind to the dark places no one wants to think about, opening my mind to such terror that it sends shivers down my spine.  I have not been frightened by a film since I was 16, and what I have concocted is darkness imagined.  What does that say about me, am I a bad person? Does the darkness exist within me?  Just because I imagine bad things am I a bad person?  Within us all are bad thoughts, we are conditioned by our youth to destinguish between what is right and what is evil, and it is my belief it is when the lines between the two are blurred that we find the horror.  That is the basis for my screenplay, the characters I have in mind are engaging a definite yin/yang, two sides of the same coin.   The basic premise is this, what if two characters who share a common upbringing, a similar and shared sense of ideals follow different paths, the divergence of right and wrong.  It has the theme that we are all led to believe that evil is fundamental and is imbedded within us, no matter what we do we cannot escape the fact some are born good, some are born evil.  

Anyway, I waffle on.  I have so much to say on this subject that I should just get it down on paper.  Hopefully the theme will appear in my story, that what my thoughts are will reveal themselves into a tale of terror.