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 I have spoken, with a great deal of excitement, of the Hoddescape open submission window. Well after weeks of writing, rewriting and editing I finally took the decision to down tools and to pass on the opportunity this year.  It was disappointing to come to that decision as it was and is a. Wry exciting chance.  However, I reread my work and ultimately came to the conclusion that this time it wasn’t for me.  In fact I have appraised my entire choice of writing and genre and have come to the decision to refocus my work away from my beloved sci-fi, horror and fantasy. I have decided that it is time to give the genre a rest.

I am not giving up of writing though!  Despite many suggesting I do.  I am refocusing my efforts towards the historical thriller and adventure stories.   Now, the neighsayers might say ‘ what qualifies you to write about history?’  Well, that is an easy question to answer.  I am a graduate of history and a work background in museums and I have been described as knowledgeable in such areas.  I have a vast amount of knowledge in a great many areas of History and I am going to focus my work to suit my expansive knowledge.  

So, I am in research mode.  I love being in research mode learning, adapting knowledge and discoveries and hypothesising about events.  To adapt actual events into a fictional context sounds easy but requires a meticulous amount of detail.  Nothing at all can a be out of place, every detail must be accurate.  For example, when talking about the Battle of Britain it is important to ensure that the right mark of spitfire is described.  I have seen so many files where they use older types of spitfire, that weren’t developed until years after, as there vehicles.  This blunder can instantly destroy any work.  How about a historical story of the ancient world and they use iron forged swords before smelting had been discovered.  Attention to detail is paramount.

It is my hope that I produce a work that flows at a breakneck pace and has many twists and turns whilst maintaining a very British feel.  To this end I am going to write about a historian at a university who, through greed and mercenary desires, is embroiled in a plot to uncover the secrets of the Second World War. Some of the protagonists will be driven by greed some by desire some by a necessity for discovery.  It’s going to be multi-levelled intricate tale of intrigue, deception, high adventure and  historical accuracy.  

It will be in a similar vein as some of the great writers, Nernard Cornewell meets Clive Cussler with a hint of Len Deighton and Ian Fleming.  That is my hope.  I will write some accompanying short stories to underpin the story and characters and publish those here. 

I am very excited by this and I hope you will join me on this journey!